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Janis Joplin
"I hate people generally, but I like people individually."introverts (via janesblueheaven)

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Ron Wood, Freddie King and Eric Clapton have a jam.

Joe Strummer photographed by Kirk West, Aragon Ballroom (September 14, 1979)

Brothers love.
  • Interviewer: I think you and Liam have grown tired of having it large when you were younger, and are now trying to live a more simple life. So, because of that, I think you can concentrate more on the music. Do you think this is that kind of turning point?
  • Noel: That's definitely true in my case. But I don't know about Liam. He still gets drunk and gets into trouble when he goes out. He's always had a short temper and is always willing to pick a fight, and he's never really listened to me. He's been like that since the age of 3, and [when he was little] whenever he'd play outside, he'd pick fights with guys much bigger than him, get punched, then come home to me crying at the top of his lungs, crying 'Noel!'
  • Interviewer: That's cute, actually.
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